Exhibitions Program

July - December 2016

10 – 24 July

Twelve Grrowls

The ‘Cene

A culmination of SJ Finch’s twelve-month residency called Grr, featuring works from creative collaborators throughout the project. A series of conceptual feasts, this exhibition is a critique on the popular discourses of being green and eco, enforcing that the reality of becoming ecological is a reality of working with waste matters.

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12 – 28 August

Bergmál – Echo
(Language of the Rocks)

Tessa Beale and Sarah Yasdani

A collaboration between Beale (Australia) and Yasdani (Sweden), this exhibition was conceived during their residency in Sweden. In seeking to understand and find a sense of place in a new location, their works reflect how we perceive things and find connection to our own place in the world.

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9 – 25 September

Indefinite Landscapes

Michelle Grimston

This exhibition explores the impact that physical space has on individuals and their relationships; how the spaces they enter can manipulate thought and behaviour. Grimston creates small dwellings in which visitors are invited to spend time in as a psychological sanctuary.

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5 – 22 October


Melanie McKee & Monika Luwoska

Terminus investigates the human experience of dislocation from origins and the search for belonging; how memories of a past home perpetuate through material technologies.

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4 – 20 November

Dedications: Remedies

Anna Cocks

Anna Cocks draws on her fascination of plant-based medicinal remedies to investigate the relationships between medicine and body. A multi-sensory exhibition, it features works on paper, fermented herbal elixirs, essential oils, and light.

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2 – 18 December

Archival Survival

Emily Hornum

Archival Survival is concerned with the modern problem of memory and storytelling in the age of digital media. These works are constructed from the artist’s family archives asking the question: what effect does how we remember have on what we remember?

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