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Paper Mountain is a Perth based artist run initiative with a gallery, co-working space (The Common Room) and studios, located in the heart of Northbridge, WA.

Open 9am – 5pm daily

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267 William St

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Isabelle Osborne
12 August - 27 August

As an ongoing practice-led investigation, Order/Disorder investigates how the synergy of photography and alternative aesthetic modes represent mental illness. With specificity to Bipolar Affective Disorder, the works act as a partial solution and aim to represent the disorder outside of certain stigmatised discourses derived from western culture.

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Opening Night: In Spite of Ourselves

Andrew Christie
8 September, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Participate in the ritual of opening an art exhibition with us for Andrew Christie's In Spite of Ourselves - an exhibition which explores the objects we use in rituals, in significant events, as well as day-to-day events.

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In Spite of Ourselves

Andrew Christie
9 September - 24 September

Rituals and customs to help us make sense of important life events, but not all life events have a ritual or custom associated with them. In Spite of Ourselves features a collection of semi-musical works to be used in those unique moments as an exploration of how we can share experiences and evolve systems to celebrate or lament through play, music, and reflection.

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Opening Night: Moments of Place

Robyn Creagh, Shannon Lyons & Simon Pendal
6 October, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Join us in the opening of Moments of Place by Robin Creagh, Shannon Lyons and Simon Pendal, a spectacular exhibition that explores the importance of a sense of place and the relationships that form it.

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Moments of Place

Robyn Creagh, Shannon Lyons & Simon Pendal
7 October - 22 October

Place is specific because of the particular interconnection of relationships that cause it to form. Moments of Place brings together works which invite the viewer to examine how built and social contexts are entangled with spatial histories of architectural design and image making. The works negotiate the gallery space as a reflection of the artists’ lived experience and production of place in Perth.

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