About Paper Mountain

Paper Mountain is an arts cooperative operating from Whadjuk Noongar Boodjar (Perth), dedicated to supporting emerging artists, building exploratory creative practices and presenting community arts work. We offer studios for hire, a curated gallery program, co-working spaces, creative workshops and events. We hope to build a supportive and friendly community of creative workers from many backgrounds.

our history

The building in which Paper Mountain calls home, wasn't always a gallery. The rich heritage of the Northbridge Area once held a gambling den, and a burlesque company -- proving that the building is just as artistic, and diverse in its history, as the company.

the team

Paper Mountain boasts a strong managerial team whom have passions and interest in the arts, or are artists in their own right. The backgrounds span various disciplines, making them ready to help you at any stage.

the committee

The Committee of Management have been behind the helm of Paper Mountain for nearly ten years - combining Perth's artist's, strong leaders and capable mentors, who uphold the values and integrity of the company and the creative's with help.


We're very proud to be working with such passionate individuals and groups, they are the unsung heroes of Paper Mountain so be sure to check them out!