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A Hammer To Fix

Ailsa Waddell
The Gallery /
20 - 27 September 2019

Process art is performative in a sense that it’s a physical, bodily response to your situated environment and materials. You start to become aware of certain patterns, loops and trajectories.

The floor allows for mobility, but also for obstruction. Bending, squatting, sitting, kneeling, stretching and leaning. Positions the body moves through when taking an object through process. Positions that we aren’t often accustomed to when viewing a “finished” body of work. Hammering can both dismantle and reassemble. Ailsa Waddell aims to find softness within forceful actions, or how to work slowly with a forceful tool. How tools only become functional once enabled in process. The classification of something being soft or something being hard is part of the insertion humans place on objects that fill our environment. Something with structure also has elements of lightness.

A Hammer to Fix opens Friday 20 September 2019 and exhibits as a changing, performative work until 27 September.