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Rob Kettels
12 - 26 July 2019

Abiotica by artist Rob Kettels, examines the human relationship to abiotic nonlife, through repurposing discarded minerals and core samples from the mining industry, along with durational experimental video. Embedded in the framework of Western environmental perception, minerals, rocks and sand have traditionally (and mistakenly) been regarded as inert and the background to humanity. However, awareness of the agency in nonlife requires reconsidering it, not as static domain, but as a network of forces set across deep time, interconnecting both biology and mineral in a never-ending metabolic network. Working as a neo or botched geologist, Kettels gives the minerals and core agency outside of their intended meanings, freeing them of their scientific and economic constraints by representing them as objects of beauty and subjectivity.

Abiotica opens 6pm, Friday 12 July.