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Paper Mountain is a Perth based artist run initiative with a gallery, co-working space (The Common Room) and studios, located in the heart of Northbridge, WA.

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Human Becomings

  • This event has passed.

Human Becomings

Lex Randolph

11 March - 26 March

Opening night: 10 March, 6pm


Human Becomings is a museum of real and imaginary body parts. Predominantly made from everyday textile materials, they are soft, comforting, and familiar. Displayed in specimen jars, we are invited to objectify, quantify, analyse, and explore them without being caught up in the emotional connections, memories, and experiences of our own bodies.

As humans, we are always re-imagining and re-defining who we are, becoming something new or different. Human Becomings exemplifies the constant change of human identity, and challenges how physical bodies contribute to our sense of self.

Continuing on Lex Randolph’s investigation of the impacts of gender and body on identity, the artefacts in Human Becomings represent specific aspects of the body that are connected to dynamic and fluxing gender identities.

About the artist

Lex has been creating things and thinking critically about the world since he can remember, and now works across a range of artistic fields. He is currently producing abstract textile pieces, quirky watercolour and ink illustrations, and random sound bites that could be called music.

Human Becomings builds on Lex’s previous work, exhibitions, research and studio-based residency at Paper Mountain in 2016, exploring the impacts of gender and body on identity. While Lex’s work is somewhat autobiographical – focusing on their personal journey of gender transition and search for identities that fit – Lex is also fascinated by the way that others think about their own identity, particularly in terms of body and gender. This exhibition is designed for visitors to engage in that dialogue, to be questioned, challenged, and to encourage exploration of aspects of self that are too often thought of as static, or simply taken for granted.


Image: Lex Randolph, Detachable Breast, 2014. Recycled fabric, machine embroidery, crocheted yarn.