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In this form: Artsource Industry Awards winners

Cian Holt, Felice Anderson, Madeleine Beech, Molly Werner
22 - 29 November 2019

Opening 6pm Friday 22 November

Exploring, abstracting and challenging our visual world through object encounters and everyday experiences has led to an evolution of four unique formal languages. Penetrating the space in between what we see and what it means, how we make meaning and the constructed boundaries that shape those meanings, Felice Anderson, Maddy Beech, Cian Holt and Molly Werner have worked together to conceptualise their new works. In this form presents four personal, probing and poignant approaches to our shared contemporary condition.

Paper Mountain is excited to announce the 2019 Artsource Industry Awards exhibition.

This is the fourth year Paper Mountain has teamed with Artsource by opening both studios and its exhibition space to the four winners, giving an essential career foundation to these burgeoning artists. The Artsource Industry Awards were established over a decade ago to give the most industry-ready graduates from the art faculties of Curtin University, Edith Cowan University (ECU), North Metropolitan (TAFE) and the University of Western Australia (UWA) an opportunity to gain a foothold in Western Australia’s professional art industry.

Image: Madeleine Beech, The Act, 2019, video still