Moments of Place

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Moments of Place

Robyn Creagh, Shannon Lyons, and Simon Pendal
7 October 2017 - 22 October 2017

Opening night: 6 October, 6pm

Moments of Place is a group exhibition that draws on the parallel scholarship and creative practice of Robyn Creagh, Shannon Lyons and Simon Pendal.

The combination of detailed installations, architectural designs tracing lived interiors and fragmentary images evoke personal attachment of place in urban areas and bring to life existing tensions between emplaced and mobile, embodied and distributed and central and peripheral experiences.

Moments of Place invites the viewer to examine the experience and production of place at three scales: detail, architecture, and urbanisation. The exhibition explores the entanglement of built and social contexts with spatial histories and use the gallery space as a reflection of the artists’ lived experience and production of place in Perth.

Image: Simon Pendal, North Perth Townhouse (Detail) 2017. Large Format Print on Canvas with 4 x slides (via data projector) to be projected over canvas. 1900mm x 2700mm.

About Robyn Creagh, Shannon Lyons, and Simon Pendal

Shannon Lyons attempts to visually ‘unpack’ the complex relationships that exist between artistic content and context in her multidisciplinary practice. By continually adapting, drawing from and responding to specific gallery spaces, Lyons makes artworks in the form of sculptures, installations, gestures and interventions that directly reference and critically examine the sites they are produced and exhibited in. Lyons challenges the conventions of these spaces, and illuminate the architectural, atmospheric and institutional specificities and particularities of a given place. Lyons strongly identifies with the lineage and history of post-studio art practice, and sees it as a necessary tool for an artistic engagement with contemporary notions of place.
Simon Pendal is founder of the architectural design and research orientated architectural practice Simon Pendal Architect. His projects have been represented at local, national and international venues including: New Trends of Architecture in Europe and Asia-Pacific, Tokyo, Japan 2008-2010, ‘About Face – 2008, Sydney’ and ‘Abundant Australia’ at the Venice Biennale, Australian Pavilion. Simon is a lecturer within the Department of Architecture at Curtin University and curates a monthly newspaper column in the West Australian that discusses architecture, landscape and urbanism. Simon graduated from Curtin University in 1994 and holds a practice-based PhD from RMIT focussed on the making of architecture grounded in atmosphere.
Robyn Creagh explores the intersection of embodied mobility, built environment design, and sense of place through research and creative practice. Her work seeks to challenge too-narrow expectations of people in the city. Creagh delights in sharing playful, participatory, and ethical interruptions within the everyday. For all these reasons she is also a Lecturer in Architecture and Planning at Curtin University, and a regenerative design facilitator. Her PhD explored issues of migration and mobility in relations to urban sense of place. Recent projects address embodied contestation of city spaces, and the role of built environment design in supporting people’s mobility.

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