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Nandi Chinna, Daniel Jan Martin & Mei Swan Lim
15 - 29 March 2019

Opening night: Friday 15 March, 6-8pm.

Swampscapes reorients us toward the ecologies of Perth. Rivers, streams and wetlands once extended across the entire region. While many remain, so many have been lost. These are sacred places in the stories and culture of the Whadjuk Nyungar people. The wetlands are rich and biodiverse landscapes, they are critical to the health and life of the contemporary city.

Through projections of mapping, interaction with poetry and soundscape, Swampscapes ignites an awareness which is fundamental to knowing our place. A little wetland engagement recalibrates how we see and read Perth.

Swampscapes is a collaboration between Daniel Jan Martin, Nandi Chinna and Mei Swan Lim, working across their respective fields of cartography, poetry and soundscape. From Paper Mountain in Northbridge, the site of the lost lakes, Swampscapes will provoke our ecological imaginations.