The Qube

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The Qube

Tapan Moharana
8 December 2017 - 24 December 2017

Opening night: 8 December, 6pm

The Qube is a series of sculptures and installations that examine the change occurring in the environment of Tapan Moharana’s Indian homeland. The cube created reflects the once monolithic structures of marble deposits that have since been reduced to rubble, referencing this change of structure and function whilst presenting the possibility of revival.

Tapan’s installations respond to the interplay that exists between the domestic use of an object and its form. These works reimagine industrial and household objects using a range of materials, presenting them for inspection in a new light and evoking the sense of creating a new home in an unfamiliar city.

The exhibition title, The Qube , pays homage to Tapan’s ongoing relationship to this form which he uses repeatedly in his work as a vehicle of exploration into materials and their symbolic meanings. This exhibition suggests that Tapan’s evolved understanding of the cube is a limitless exercise as he continues to play with the four dimensions of the tesseract, assembling the organic and inorganic.

About Tapan Moharana

Tapan Kumar Moharana’s practice engages with the tangible, material world in which we live. Hailing from India, Tapan’s work is informed by his domestic environmental context, while the forms he designs resonate across cultures, evoking both familiar organic and engineered structures. His practice includes sensitive ink drawings, and sculptures composed of leaves, branches, twine, clay and stone, as well as concrete and iron. Tapan holds a B.F.A and M.F.A in Sculpture from Rabindra Bharati University in Kolkata, and is now based in New Delhi, India. His exhibition with Paper Mountain is his first show outside of India and is supported by Curtin University’s Artist-in-Residence program.



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