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Thin gas is in a pit (This is a painting)

Hiroshi Kobayashi
18 - 30 May 2018

This gas is in a pit (This is a painting) represents a change in the work of internationally exhibited artist Hiroshi Kobayashi. His recognisable doll motifs and monochromatic blue palette have evolved to include photogrammetry as a contemporary vehicle in exploring the potential of grids to reconcile contradiction and paradox.

It is within the tensions of these paradoxes, such as that between materialism and spirit, that Hiroshi seeks to find and distil creativity and art to their purest essence. By illuminating the readymade nature of painting materials and methods of application, and by using a variety of industrial machines and devices, Hiroshi removes the trace of human hand from his painting, displaying the cerebral qualities of his work.

His paintings, interwoven digitised photographic images and tactile layers of acrylic paints, reimagine landscape, seascape, and popular imagery sparking intellectual curiosity about the technology and process used, and the deep well of art history and thought upon which Hiroshi draws.

Hiroshi has exhibited extensively internationally and has been in Perth since 2016. He currently has a residency at Artsource and previously at the Fremantle Arts Centre.

It is an honour to welcome him to Paper Mountain.

Image: City Beach 2 (detail) 2017, acrylic on canvas, 296 x 801mm.

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