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Paper Mountain is a Perth based artist run initiative with a gallery, co-working space (The Common Room) and studios, located in the heart of Northbridge, WA.

Open 9am – 5pm daily

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267 William St

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We Must Catch Up

  • This event has passed.

We Must Catch Up

26 May - 1 June

Within the gallery sits a 2.4 metre high mountain fit for two people to sit and talk over a cup of tea and catch up.

Exhibition participants will join the artist atop the mountain to engage in conversation. We Must Catch Up is a response to the currents of emotion that are swirling through society right now, and is a part of a larger project by the artist called “both/and”.

In confusing and compromising times, we must take action despite being surrounded by doubt. We Must Catch Up explores the act of talking through doubt and progressing towards action. In this interactive exhibition, participants experience a time of reflection in a world that needs receivers, feelers and responsive thinkers: people who absorb and react to the mad auratic flows that surround us. Meanwhile, other gallery visitors may observe or overhear conversations of warmth and positive exchange.

Registration is required to participate in We Must Catch Up by booking a timeslot.

Other visitors are welcome to view the exhibition and project documentation during gallery hours.

About the artist

Perdita Phillips is an Australian artist with a wide-ranging and experimental conceptual practice. She works in mixed media installation, environmental projects, sound, sculpture, photography and drawing. Whilst materially diverse, underlying themes of ecological processes and a commitment to a resensitisation to the physical environment, are apparent.


Image: Perdita Phillips, We must catch up, 2017.