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When Are You?

5 - 21 April 2019

Opening 6pm, Friday 5 April.

JOY COLLECTIVE are interested in the themes of space, time and reality. Their installation particularly tries to question the metaphysical idea of the present and being. Are our thoughts and actions conscious of themselves or is our consciousness a by-process of our unconscious actions?

When Are You? is an ephemeral art installation that employs both interactive multimedia and traditional three dimensional constructions. Spatial elements are placed to create an illusion of forced perspective towards the multimedia projection where a seemingly live recording of the observer is displayed. Not so live however, the video projection fluctuates in the dimension of time, playing back recording of one’s multiple past. Exploring the concept of time in terminologies such as the just past, the immediate past, recent past, astral past, bygone past and long-ago past – questioning when is actually the present.

JOY COLLECTIVE consists of architects Jacqui Britto, Lee Yang Yang and artist Oliver Kellow.