Text Roulette

November 20, 2018

It’s hard to know what to say sometimes. Is there a message you need to send? If you can’t find the words, play TEXT ROULETTE and let Finn O’Branagáin draft them for you – then send, save, delete, or ask for a sign. Register to anonymously take part on stage, or purchase a ticket to see the process unfold. More details

Toast Readings with Ophelia Sol

Discover your past, present, and future with toast in an immersive performance led by the fabulous Ophelia Sol and her bedazzled toaster. In this performance the ritual of toasting bread is heightened into a theatrical event where Ophelia looks into the unknown galaxy of your individual toast. Forget tarots and tealeaves, toast holds the future! More details

Under My Skirt

Under my Skirt invites the audience into an intimate environment where they are served afternoon tea with a humorous and flirtatious performance that encourages participation and reflection on social expectation. More details