Rolling Peaks

November 23, 2018

Rolling Peaks is a series of exhibitions of contemporary art, photography and moving image from current local, national and international artists displayed on the Perth Cultural Centre screen. Rolling Peaks displays a series of montages of both contemporary and archival exhibitions, finding the moments at which the archives speak to the present, and evoking a feeling of many moments and many histories present. More details

EMBASSY Curatorial Exchange

EMBASSY x Paper Mountain Curatorial Exchange is an open framework of exchange presented through a series of performative, curatorial and art-based workshops designed and delivered from Edinburgh, Scotland. This exchange will act as an open source for interpretations, discussion and collaboration on methods and ideas within contemporary art, public engagement and in artist run spaces. More details

My Account of Being Nowhere

November 20, 2018

This project is an exploration of the domestic space as an expression of the inner self, creating confessional work with exposure of lack of private space as a method of expressing personal emotional experiences. As opposed to replication of private spaces, this work hints at non-existent domestic spaces as a mode of confession – a crumbling shelter made of fragments of dirt and dust, covering yet exposing. More details

Toast Readings with Ophelia Sol

Discover your past, present, and future with toast in an immersive performance led by the fabulous Ophelia Sol and her bedazzled toaster. In this performance the ritual of toasting bread is heightened into a theatrical event where Ophelia looks into the unknown galaxy of your individual toast. Forget tarots and tealeaves, toast holds the future! More details


Interwoven is an ongoing textile installation by local artist, Leah Vlatko. Taking the form of a large-scale weave, Interwoven invites audiences to interact with and contribute weaves to over the span of the exhibition. Casting aside the traditional no-touching rules of galleries, participants are asked to select yarn in response to certain questions about who they are and how they feel, creating a piece that is responsive to its social environment. More details