My Account of Being Nowhere

November 20, 2018

This project is an exploration of the domestic space as an expression of the inner self, creating confessional work with exposure of lack of private space as a method of expressing personal emotional experiences. As opposed to replication of private spaces, this work hints at non-existent domestic spaces as a mode of confession – a crumbling shelter made of fragments of dirt and dust, covering yet exposing. More details

The Divine Feminine

A film exhibition for anyone in love with what it means to be female. Hoping that after you watch these films you too will dance free and naked, slowly and basking in the Sun. It is divine, it is liberating, it is gasping for air in the most beautiful way. A reminder that this is a Woman’s Earth too. More details

Under My Skirt

Under my Skirt invites the audience into an intimate environment where they are served afternoon tea with a humorous and flirtatious performance that encourages participation and reflection on social expectation. More details