EMBASSY Curatorial Exchange

November 23, 2018

EMBASSY x Paper Mountain Curatorial Exchange is an open framework of exchange presented through a series of performative, curatorial and art-based workshops designed and delivered from Edinburgh, Scotland. This exchange will act as an open source for interpretations, discussion and collaboration on methods and ideas within contemporary art, public engagement and in artist run spaces. More details

Flesh and Bone

November 20, 2018

What are the possibilities when talking is ceased and body language becomes our primary form of communication? This contemporary dance performance is an invitation to discover alternative communication and interactions through human physicality. More details

Text Roulette

It’s hard to know what to say sometimes. Is there a message you need to send? If you can’t find the words, play TEXT ROULETTE and let Finn O’Branagáin draft them for you – then send, save, delete, or ask for a sign. Register to anonymously take part on stage, or purchase a ticket to see the process unfold. More details

Susan & The Place In Which I’ll Fit Will Not Exist Until I Create It

Back-to-back solo performances. Welcome to Susan’s humble abode. You may roam, you may sit, you may even admire the pictures that hang on the walls. Susan has a lot to offer and even more to say, this is an afternoon tea you won’t forget right away. ‘The place in which I’ll fit will not exist until I create it’ is a solo work, performed by April Vardy and is an exploration into what it means to create movement from only yourself and your body, to be truly alone. More details

Number 16 – Work in Progress Showing

The world’s oldest recorded spider died in WA’s wheatbelt in 2018 from a wasp sting. She was 43 years old. Her name was Number 16. News of her travelled all over the world and was featured in The Washington Post, The Smithsonian, National Geographic, CNN and TIME. This is the story of her life, and last few days. A one-woman show from the point of view of the spider, starring Andrea Gibbs (8 Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography) and written by Finn O’Branagain (The Epic, Medusa, Selkie). More details

Toast Readings with Ophelia Sol

Discover your past, present, and future with toast in an immersive performance led by the fabulous Ophelia Sol and her bedazzled toaster. In this performance the ritual of toasting bread is heightened into a theatrical event where Ophelia looks into the unknown galaxy of your individual toast. Forget tarots and tealeaves, toast holds the future! More details

The Colour of Earth

The Colour of Earth is a photo series that explores the distinct identities of women and non-binary people of colour in WA and their experiences; what it means to exist in this world as a woman and non-white, and a celebration of our differences and growth in a world that threatens to stem it, a world that would rather people like us not exist, let alone thrive. More details


Interwoven is an ongoing textile installation by local artist, Leah Vlatko. Taking the form of a large-scale weave, Interwoven invites audiences to interact with and contribute weaves to over the span of the exhibition. Casting aside the traditional no-touching rules of galleries, participants are asked to select yarn in response to certain questions about who they are and how they feel, creating a piece that is responsive to its social environment. More details