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We are exited to see new, and innovative works for the new year. Paper Mountain has expanded our artistic programming to be more inclusive and broad spectrum, facilitating the works of a multitude of artists in Western Australia. Interested creatives can select between New Peaks, Bedrock Nations, or an Individual Exhibition; alongside the opportunity to feed the Zine Machine through our Program Callout!

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This curated program is designed to allow artists of all art forms a chance to co-exhibit, and collaborate. Across four specified events across the year, the artists will have the chance to engage an audience, and tell their stories. Paper Mountain encourages artists from all disciplines to submit: including seminars, workshops, and events - a new height for Paper Mountain in its ten year legacy.

Based upon audience choice, a selected artist from each showcase will then premiere at the Summit Festival in September.



Paper Mountain encourages First Nation and Torres Strait Islander creatives to propose events, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and other community works within our venues at no cost! The creative will have free use of the venue, with complete autonomy over their space and works.

Paper Mountain is invested in the continued storytelling of First Nation individuals, the push for social change and inclusivity, and building a stronger sense of community by bridging the gap between art and self.



Welcome to the Summit Festival, our annual highlight of emerging and established artists. Across three days in late September, the audience choice from New Peaks will have the chance to re-exhibit their works, network with industry professionals, alongside the Equinox Afterparty - as Paper Mountain celebrates the climb our artists have undertaken throughout the year, and engage with our community in a night full of art, fun, and good vibes.