Scar II

November 3, 2017

Opening night: Saturday 4 November, 6pm Building on a successful debut solo exhibition, Michael Jalaru Torres presents Scar II. This intimate series of photographic works…

Moments of Place

October 6, 2017

Place is specific because of the particular interconnection of relationships that cause it to form. Moments of Place brings together works which invite the viewer to examine how built and social contexts are entangled with spatial histories of architectural design and image making. The works negotiate the gallery space as a reflection of the artists’ lived experience and production of place in Perth.

Everybody clapping on the one and the three

September 8, 2017

Andrew Christie is joined by a select group of local artists who are exploring how they identify as artists, and what fuels their desire to make. Drawing attention to the artist-audience dynamic, the exhibition considers ‘call and response’ as a distinguishing feature of the gallery experience, and whether the impulse to separate artist and audience leads to harmonious or discordant results.


August 11, 2017

As an ongoing practice-led investigation, Order/Disorder investigates how the synergy of photography and alternative aesthetic modes represent mental illness. With specificity to Bipolar Affective Disorder, the works act as a partial solution and aim to represent the disorder outside of certain stigmatised discourses derived from western culture.


July 7, 2017

Remains is an examination of ways of remembering the dead and passing of events that mark a life. The artists explore how memories of loved ones are preserved and maintained. Religious and secular symbols and imagery are used to create works that offer an opportunity for celebrating the poignantly finite nature of life – our own and those we love.

Cast Away

June 9, 2017

How did you get here? To broaden discussion of Australia’s relationship to refugees, Ruth Halbert asks old and new Australians to contribute to a growing collection of arrival stories, stitched into fragile boat-like forms and suspended in a web of wool threads materialising space and time. This is the first gallery component of a process investigating remaking a time-based project of political letter-writing into simple handmade objects.

We Must Catch Up

May 25, 2017

In confusing and compromising times, we must take action despite being surrounded by doubt. We Must Catch Up explores the act of talking through doubt and progressing towards action. In this interactive exhibition, participants undergo a time of reflection in a world that needs thinkers and experiencers who absorb and react to the mad auratic flows that surround us. Meanwhile, other gallery visitors may observe or overhear conversations of warmth and positive exchange.

On the Translation of Light

May 12, 2017

Everything we see, we see in light, and we see it because of light. This group exhibition is an investigation into the materiality of light. Texture and tone, opacity and transparency, and propagation beyond the curtailment of the object – these qualities of light are surveyed through the practices of four different artists.


May 1, 2017

Wellard is an inquiry into the nature of the Australian Dream in 2017. Reflecting on the concept of the Private Estate, Wellard identifies a culturally rooted desire for security and exclusivity which inevitably leads to separation and isolation. An autobiographical body of work, Wellard expresses the artist’s struggle between a desire for both security and freedom.