Opening Night: Elusive Tactility

January 12, 2018

Holly O’Meehan’s exhibition, Elusive Tactility, loops together the physicality of crochet and ceramic to question the balance between art, craft, and design. Her functionless vessels ask more questions than they answer in a whimsical dialectic between form and lack of function.

Opening Night: Moments of Place

October 6, 2017

Join us in the opening of Moments of Place by Robyn Creagh, Shannon Lyons and Simon Pendal, a spectacular exhibition that explores the importance of a sense of place and the relationships that form it.

Opening Night: Everybody clapping on the one and the three

September 8, 2017

Participate in the ritual of opening an art exhibition with us for Andrew Christie’s In Spite of Ourselves – an exhibition which explores the objects we use in rituals, in significant events, as well as day-to-day events.

Opening Night: Order/Disorder

August 11, 2017

Be one of the first to experience Isabelle Osbourne’s exhibition, Order/Disorder, featuring photographic works which represent alternative aesthetic modes of mental illness.

Opening Night: Remains

July 7, 2017

Join us in the opening of Marcia Espinosa and Marina Kailis’ spectacular exhibition, Remains, featuring a series of ceramic sculptures (the guardians of memories) that explore another way for the living to mark and celebrate past lives and the experience of life.